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hi im sanie and i consist of gintama and polnareff

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I’m sorry that I couldn’t bring you happiness.

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Track Name: walt
Artist: 菅野よう子


It’s so beautiful

I’m in love with this soundtrack

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this show was my jam

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dont draw things when your hand doesnt want to draw

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the color challenge!

#12 Prosciutto

#9 Jonathan

#14 Kakyoin

I’m about to blind x_x

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lisa lisa (also a redraw)

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“Hey Ryuk do the Death Note rules say I can’t do THIS”

*Light rips out a page of the notebook and uses it to roll a flat blunt*

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Marina Diamandis + Colors

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Gintama episode 24.

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finally picked up the manga again, i’m caught up now

so have some trash

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