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hi im sanie and i consist of gintama and jojo slight hiatus because im w/o computer!!!!!


this kars was perfect and he was so nice

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New York,1938

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u right tho..white privilege just some tumblr bullshit..def. not applicable in the real world..damn

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@tabithalou: This what they not showing you on the media. These young men cleaning up after the riot. #Ferguson

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a spoopy

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Oh my god youre straight? I had no idea. You seem normal to me. Did you know that Sara is straight too? You two should totally hook up. I cant believe youre straight. You could be my straight best friend. We could go to football games together. Itll be so much fun. So like how long have you been straight? Youre whole life!? No way.

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mangameme: 6 MALE CHARACTERS

Johan Liebert from Monster
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